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Nearly half (48.5%) of people think the meat, fish and eggs they buy and eat out comes from farms meeting high animal welfare standards, according to a new poll by RSPCA Assured.

The survey also revealed that most people (75%)  think farm animal welfare is important when shopping and eating out.

However, despite latest reports of an increase in ethical purchasing, the reality is that less than 4% of the food produced in the UK comes from farms meeting the RSPCA's higher welfare standards.

This means the vast majority of food produced in the UK could be coming from farms that don’t necessarily meet all of the animals need
Pigs can be kept in barren houses with not enough space and no straw to lie on and root around in.

Mothering pigs can even be kept in farrowing crates, metal crates which severely restrict their movement until the piglets are weaned.

The RSPCA Assured label means the animals have come from farms inspected to RSPCA standards.  ​​

These include, for example, giving them plenty of space, natural light and things to do such as hanging vegetables for chickens to peck at and straw for pigs to root around in.

It also means they have been cared for to RSPCA standards at other stages of their life including in transport and at the abattoir. ​
Did you know?
   RSPCA Assured is the only farm assurance scheme where all the animals must be covered by
                               the RSPCA's welfare standards from birth to slaughter.